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The story behind the design

The idea was originally created in 2006 by Pamela Leigh Richards, wife at the time of Internationally well-known British Author David Icke. Pamela and David were amicably parting and this was her way of supporting David and the global awakening of humanity through ‘messages on merchandise’.

It was based on an original Documentary Film: “David Icke Was He Right?”, airing on the BBC on December 26, 2006.

Pamela never went anywhere without a camera and when the crew came to their home on the Isle of Wight to begin filming, the Director saw Pamela filming ‘them’ filming David and decided to change the script by including her in the film.

The theme for this design was all about ‘Eyes Looking Up’ to see what is going on at the top of control. Within the bricks are many eyes including Pamela’s, David’s, and the official storyteller of the Zulu Nation, Credo Mutwa’s ~ see if you can spot them? The point is ~ how about we all take a LOOK at what is really going on in our world? Collectively humanity is definitely in for a ride in this year of 2023 going forward, don’t you feel it is time we get it together?

Click here to watch the documentary “David Icke Was He Right?”

Who is Credo Mutwa? He was a very close friend of David Icke’s and Pamela had the honor of meeting and spending time with Credo and his wife Virginia, a Sangoma (traditional healer), in South Africa. READ MORE

A first unique customer!

The DESIGN went public back in 2006 and here was the first buyer from Australia! This gentleman sent Pamela a photo of himself wearing it, and even though the DESIGN went dormant for a while, it is back up and on fire with perfect timing in 2023!

We would love to have your views and comments ~ Share a photo of yourself wearing the shirt ~ may we spread the message further together. 

More to know, more to come. Like minds and hearts unite. Peace IN.